Music and Events

There’s so much to see and do in Jaffa and, of course, in neighboring Tel Aviv!
From the flea markets, to the ancient buildings, to the many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and cafes,
Yaffa has something to offer to everyone. Here are a few links to some of our favorite places:

Barby Club
52 Derekh Kibbutz Galyot, Tel Aviv-Yafo. Tel: 03-5188123


“Tel Aviv’s Barby Club is a long established music venue in the south of the city. The club hosts concerts almost every night, largely from more established local performers, as well as a good selection of niche international performers (past concerts include Calexico, Oi Va Voi, and Stephen Malkmus. Barby is larger than most venues in this list, with capacity for around 600, and most concerts are between 50-100 NIS, although the performers here are many of Israel’s most famous.” –

Papaito Bar
29 Derekh Salame, Tel Aviv-Yafo. Tel: 052-405-5454


The Container
Jaffa Port, Jaffa. Tel: 03.6836321


“The surprises at Jaffa Port include this waterfront eatery, whose name and decor are inspired by the shipping containers once unloaded along this dock. In fact, its sleek bar is fashioned from the metal shell of one discarded container. Steps away from bobbing fishing boats, diners feast on a mostly fish and seafood menu on high tables made from wooden crates. The menu varies, but red snapper with horseradish and Jerusalem artichokes with truffles are among its delights.” – Fodor’s Review

The Zone
Harechev 13, Tel Aviv-Yafo. Tel: 0544467240


“The zone is the place where music meets urban life. Like sitting in a living room and listening to the best music Tel-Aviv has to offer.” – TelAvivMe

The Pasáž (the Passage)
94 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo. Harechev 13 Tel: 077-332-3118


“With an ultra-cool, laidback location, a mellow hipster vibe and musical emphasis, the Pasáž, which is literally located in a passage area, is considered one of the hottest nightlife spots in Tel Aviv.” – Tel Aviv Guide

28 Lilenbloom St., Tel Aviv-Yafo. Tel: (03) 516-2254


“Nanuchka is a Georgian restaurant-bar offering Georgian cuisine, music and ambience, it may sound a little odd but it is very popular and always entertaining. It is definitely one of the most well-liked places in Tel Aviv, its red walls covered with the owner’s (Nana) favorite verses of poetry, wine coloured satin drapes and a constantly cheerful vibe. It’s certainly not a conventional Tel Avivi bar, to say the least.” – Tel Aviv Guide

Levontin 7
7 Levontin Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo. 03-5605084


“This bar is safe haven for all alternative music dying around the world.In few places in TelAviv you will find the array of music that is played at the Levontin.It is in the heart of the alternative music scene in Tel Aviv highly recommended if that’s your thing. ” – Tel AvivMe

Cafe Bialik
Bialik Street 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo. Tel: 03-620-0832


“A charming and established Tel Avivian café that draws a loyal local clientele and serves tasty food. Located at the very end of Bialik Street, close to the Bialik’s House, Reuven Rubin’s House and the cultural Beit Ha’ir center, Bialik Café is a truly legendary establishment by local standards.” – Tel Aviv Guide

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